Monday, December 8, 2014

ALOHA!!! - Week 12

ALOHAAAAAA!!!! Oooops..... Estoy en Guatemala..... HOOOOLA! Ah mejor. No puedo creer que ya es tiempo escribir otra vez. Lunes a lunes yo pienso es mas rapido cada semana. Este semana estuvo bien como siempre. Pero... en jueves fuimos a Xetulul con casi todos los misionarios en el misión como un regalo de nuestra presidente del misión! Xetulul es como un 6 Flags pero un poco mas pequeno. Todavia divertido especialment muchos jalons muy rapido y asombroso!

English translation: 
ALOHAAAAAA!!!! Oooops…..I am in Guatemala ..... HelllllloAh, that’s betterI cannot believe that it is time to write you again.  I think Monday to Monday gets faster and faster every week. This week was good as alwaysBut on Thursday we went to Xetulul with almost all of the missionaries in the mission as a gift from our mission presidentXetulul is like Six Flags but a little smallerIt is still fun especially the fast and amazing rides!

Seriously though it was a lot of fun and we were pretty much there all day. We were with our zone the whole time but still got to talk to and hang out with other missionaries as well. Speaking of other missionaries, Elder Heyrend (my companion in the MTC) told me that he heard that Elder Fillmore (My other companion in the MTC, whose sister is serving in Fort Collins area) had to go home from his mission!!! He was having some health problems (and I won'tt say what) and the doctor said he had to rest in his house for 2 months in his mission but the President just said that they were going to send him back to his home in the states because of it. Its sad to hear about it but I really hope that he gets better and will be able to serve when he gets better!

The other day we were in Tecun having a meeting with our zone and afterward we decided to all go for milkshakes and its kinda funny because when you get them they pour it into a plastic baggy with a straw and hand it to you haha, but they are only 10 quetzales (like $1.30). It’s awesome and so good! Also everything down here is so cheap! Today I bought a loaf of bread, about a gallon of milk, 3 boxes of cereal, and an energy power drink for 66 quetzales which is like $8! It’s pretty great how everything here is like that because everything seems like a bargain!

Eating at members houses is pretty great because they always give us a lot of food and it is usually really good always! Then a lot of times at night we get Tortas from this place which is like a sandwich with a lot of different meats and cheese, but it's so good! I have been eating pretty good down here and haven't really had any problems with my stomach besides the good old diarrhea that just about every missionary gets here!

My Spanish, I feel like is improving pretty quickly especially in the past few days I have been noticing it. There were a few days when I was pretty discouraged because of my Spanish but in time I was talking to my companion and I was just spitting out Spanish with him and I was noticing it and how well my accent was coming as well. We were at a devotional and a missionary who has been out for like 18 months was talking to a man near us and my companion and I heard him and then my companion leaned over and told me that my accent in Spanish is way better than his and he has been out almost 16 more months than me and this made me feel pretty good and like I have a lot of potential. But I always keep trying to speak Spanish and to ask my companion for help and slowly but surely I am noticing how my Spanish is getting a little better.

This week we have Changes! Dun dun dun! I am kinda excited to see what is going to happen with the changes but I’m pretty dang positive that I will stick with my companion because I am in my training and he will finish his mission with me as his companion which is what he is hoping for as well! There are a few things that I hope are going to happen with other companionships within our district and zone but we find out tomorrow sometime what will happen! A few times this week I went on divisions with Elder Ramos (who lives in our house) and I like him a lot and he is from Peru. We were working in his area and talking with people, and trying to visit people to have some lessons as well.

Oh so I'm sure you guys have heard but the church has a video about the birth of Christ and it is spreading like a wild fire! It is called él es la Dádiva (He is the Gift). I think that is what it is in English. haha.   You can watch it on Anyways, we were given little cards about this video and the goal of the mission is to hand out 10 cards a day as a companionship. This for us is such an easy way to share messages with people and to get contacts and new investigators as well! This has also helped me with my Spanish because it forces me to talk about it and to explain it and after the first 30 times it got a little bit easier haha. But this is such a good video and everyone needs to watch it and share it to remember that God gave His only Begotten Son for all of us. And that Christ is the true meaning of Christmas and we need to keep him in our thoughts and talk about him that much more during this time of year. However..... I will be having a green Christmas here. Which is kind of sad but a new experience having a green and hot Christmas! Also kinda sad that it has not rained here in almost 3 or 4 weeks too! This is their dry season though so I guess that might be why, but not much rain at all! Also my comp and I have made a goal to do some act of service every single day. Even if it is something small we are always seeking and trying to find for opportunities to serve people and do some kind of a service activity related thing!

Everything here is going good though! Enjoying it more and more as the time goes on and I am pretty sure that I will get to Skype with you guys on Christmas so make sure that you are all there for Christmas because I want to see and talk to you all! Only17 more days till then!
I have really felt the Spirit of God in my life and I am so grateful that I have made this decision to serve a mission and to be here in Guatemala! I will have more information next week about what happens with everything and all! Till then, Stay Sweet and I miss you all! Thanks for all the support I have and LOVE YOU ALL too!
Elder Kahl

Enjoying a banana milkshake.  They come in bags with straws!

Most of my ward (congregation)

MY entire zone on P-day in Xetulul.

P-day in Xetulul.  Our shirts have our name, favorite number and our zone on it (Zona Tecun).  We are not flexing our muscles, we are pointing to the back of our shirts (Haha!).

Me and my companion, Elder Tzub, in Xetulul on P-day
P-day in Xetulul.  Me and Elder Tzub.
P-Day in a photo booth!

This picture is for dad.  I saw it at a thrift shop and instantly thought of him.  Haha!

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