Tuesday, October 14, 2014

23 Months Left!!!! - Week 4


Attached are the district photos.  In the one that I am in, Elder Heyrend (my companion) is to my right and Elder Fillmore (my other companion) came after this picture.  The other picture is another district.

Hola!!!!!!! It is so crazy to think that I have been here for just about a month now! Time flies when it's the Lords time! Everything is still going good here. We went to a smaller market this morning and I got some soda and candy, which were amazing since we don't have that here. It was nice to get out of the MTC again and actually see some more of Guatemala. 

At the market a guy was walking and was in a hurry, but I decided to stop him anyways. He was carrying a helmet and when he walked near me I started to talk to him and he stopped and I asked him if he knew anything about the Book of Mormon and he said no, so I introduced it to him, then asked if he wanted to know more about it and he said he would but he was in a hurry so I put the Book of Mormon in his hands and said that I know this book is true and that it is the words of God and if he reads it that it will change his life. I asked him if he would read it and pray to know if it is true and he said yes and went on his way. He was really nice guy and accepting and even though he was in a rush and started walking away.  As he walked away though, he opened it up and started to read and see what it was about and he read it all the way up the stairs so I assume he will read it. I might have just saved that guys salvation!  My companions weren't too sure about handing out a Book of Mormon but I dragged them along and said we are placing one.  So hopefully they took note and won't be afraid next time! 

That's crazy that Elder Fillmore's sister had dinner with grandma and grandpa, small world! Elder Fillmore and Elder Heyrend are both going to my mission so I may see them around when we get out in the field! Everything here is going good. Being zone leader is going well but a lot of responsibility as well. I am up for it though! 

Sorry my letters can't be longer but I run out of time so fast when on the computer! Sorry for this but maybe when I get into the field they will be better and longer! However it is still the same old thing here. We said goodbye to a large group of missionaries this morning since they left to go out into the field but we get a lot more coming in tomorrow though so that will be good. My Spanish is coming along better and I am speaking and understanding a lot more than I used to so I just need to take advantage of the next two weeks while I am here because once I get out into the field in two weeks and people are speaking I will be thinking, ¨That is not what they taught me in the MTC...!  I'll just have to adjust though and make the most of it! 

So I heard that it takes like 8 days to send mail back and forth from the U.S. to here which is way faster than what I would have thought, so there is heads up! Haha! I sent dad a birthday letter last week so he should be getting it this week sometime.... Sorry that it is late dad! Sounds like everything is going great for all you at home. Have things really calmed down since I left? I still like it here but the MTC is getting a little boring but my district is way fun and we are all just ready and waiting to get out into the mission field and not be stuck here sitting in classes all day. The weeks are going by fast so that is a good sign and I can't wait to start sharing the gospel with real people and save their souls and inviting them to come unto Christ. Stay Sweet everyone!
and Love you!                                        

Love, Elder Kahl

The other District.

My District.  I'm in the 3rd row, third one from the left.

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