Monday, November 17, 2014

2 Meses! - Week 9


Yo quiero usted saben, estoy haciendo mucho mejor este semana. Estoy mas feliz acerca de mi mision y acerca de mi companero y las otras misioneros tambien! Poco a poco estoy entendiendo las personas aqui. Puedo entender una palabra aqui y una palabra hay, pero muchas veces yo no puedo entender mucho. Especialmente una investigadora quien habla muy rapido y (mumbles)! Ella siempre quiere habla conmigo y cuanda ella quiere, yo peinso, ah no, no otra vez! Entonces (I nod) y dijo, oh si, o en serio? Ella se llama Marleni y me gusta mucho enseñar ella, su hija (Carmen), su hijo (Pedro) y su esposo (Fredy). Fredy está listo para bautizmo pero él no quiere porque Fredy piensa será un menos activo después su bautizmo. Especialmente durante lecciones con él, yo siento el Espiritu Santo muy fuerte y yo sentí mucho paz y felicidad para Fredy cuando ensenamos acerca de el Espiritu Santo y comó él puede sentir este en su vida. 

English Translation:
Hello !!! I want you all to know, I'm doing much better this week. I'm happier about my mission and about my companion and the other missionaries too! Little by little I am understanding the people hereI can understand a word here and a word therebut many times I cannot understand much.Especially an investigator we have who speaks very fast and (mumbles)! She always wants to talk to me and when she wants to, I think to myself, “Oh no, not again!” Then (I nodand sayoh yeahor serious? Her name is Marleni and I love to teach her, her daughter (Carmen), her son (Peter) and her husband (Freddy). Freddy is ready for baptism but he does not want to because Freddy thinks he will be less active after his baptismEspecially during lessons with him, I feel the Holy Spirit very strong and I feel so much peace and happiness for Freddy when we teach about the Holy Spirit and how we can feel this in our life.

Anyways... I really, really, really appreciate all of the positive and encouraging emails from everyone: Tanner, Dad, Mom, Grandpa, Grandma, Hayden, Dillon, President McClure, Uncle Jon and whoever else! It really means a lot and I started to cry when I was reading them because it shows me how much you all appreciate me and care about me being out here on my mission and it shows me as well all the support I have from you all through the love that you all show me. So this week I was feeling a whole lot better about being here on a mission, It’s still really hard but I am enjoying it more and more.

Some fun and funny things that had happened the past week. I have seen a lot of guys laying on the sidewalks and I am not sure if they are either just taking a nap, passed out drunk, straight up passed out, or dead... I like to think that that are taking naps and I have had to step over a few of them to get by so that was interesting. Also during lessons that we have been teaching and just in general with everyones house that there are animals everywhere. Turkeys, ducks, lots of dogs, cats, chickens, hens, and random birds. However, it seems like all the time during lessons and we are teaching that all the animals love to walk around and come around my feet and just chill there. So because of this I can’t move my feet and after the lesson I have to carefully get up or lightly kick them to get them to move. One day we were walking to someones house and there was a little herd of probably 10 super tiny piglets and we walked past and they instantly came and followed us. They followed us down the road a little ways then stopped but I couldn't stop laughing and wish that I had my camera with me too! Maybe next time. 

Today during P (preparation) Day we got to go to the beach with our zone. Ya the beach! We are only like 30 minutes from it so that is really cool. We hung out, played some soccer on the beach, dipped out feet in the water (I wish we could go swimming but as missionaries we can't) but we had fun anyways and I will attach pictures for you guys. Ya I finally have pictures for you all! 

On Sunday we had Stake conference in Malacatán and there are about 12 wards in it and it is almost the size of our stake in Fort Collins which I was pretty surprised about but we ended up sitting in the very, very back because we got there and were talking to a lot of people before we got seats so that kinda sucked but it was still really good and I got a few things out of it. We all took a school bus for the ward to and from it and on the way back I talked to this older man about life and got to know him a bit better and I talked about my life a little bit as well (or as well as I could in my horrible Spanish) and we talked about spanish and english and I taught him some words so that was cool. Oh and I also get to teach the 3 other missionaries I live with English and they ask me a lot to help with pronunciation and what some words are and they help me as well. 

We finally cleaned our place out! I have a picture of our place and it’s not as nice and grand as it looks because the place was filthy. However, one morning we got up and cleaned the whole entire place out and now it looks brand new and there are no more spider webs, less bugs, less trash, and makes me feel more at home which I really like and I hope that we can just keep it that way.

We also went to a baptism who we had no idea that it was but we went and oh man it was crazy! The people here don’t know how to sing and it is pretty funny sometimes, there are kids playing nintendo DS with the music full blast and it was chaos. However, I laughed at the situation because I couldn't help it. Oh and the church building here, so at night they open the windows to get a breeze and air inside but this brings in a lot of bugs and on the walls there are so many bugs it is disgusting and bugs crawling everywhere on me. So mom, you don’t know gross when this happens while they are serving food to us as well. Haha it instantly made me think of mom and how she would be freaking out with the whole thing and just grossed out.

As far as the language goes, I am slowly making progress and understanding people. I am constantly thinking in my head of ways I can form sentences and phrases to say to others and to say during lessons. I also think a lot about how I can apply certain scriptures, apply them to me and my investigators, and describe them as well, this week especially I was in Jacob (I think, about scriptures and prayer and such) chapters 6 through 12 and Doctrine and Covenants  sections 8 and 9. I really like these scriptures a lot and I encourage all of you to read them and apply them to your lives because I have been trying to do that in mine with my time here. You can find the scriptures here if you would like to see what they are:

Slowly but surely I am improving and the language is slowly coming as well, however I am relying on the Lord through this hard time and when I am in a rough patch I get on my knees and council with the Lord to help me and what I should do because I need Him in my life. I don't know what I would do without my Heavenly Father and without Christ and his Atoning Sacrifice for us. I always remember a talk from President Holland to missionaries about how at some point on our mission we will feel only a small fraction of what the Savior went through which will make us appreciate the Atonement that much more. Or something like that but I am feeling it and will feel it even more when time on my mission goes on and I know that I need to stay patient and always council with the Lord in all my doings and I know that he will strengthen me and bless me and bless all of you while I am here. I love you all and can't wait to hear from all of you next week! Oh and today marks my 2 month mark being out here on my mission! It's crazy how fast time can fly here! Thanks again for all the emails and the love that you all show me when I am here! Miss you all and Stay Sweet!

                                          Elder Kahl

P.S. Oh also tell Grandpa and Grandma, Hayden, President McClure, Uncle Jon, Dillon, Garrett and whoever else thanks a ton for the emails and all the words of encouragement it really helped me a lot!

P.S. For Family: I'm so happy to hear you are all doing great and that Connor is doing well in basketball, I know that the Lord wants you in that calling Dad and you will do great because the Lord knows what's best for us and knows us better than we know ourselves. Mom sounds like you and Tanner are the same as always I love you all very much! 

We went to the beach for P-Day.  You can barely see my name tag in the sand!

Me and my companion, Elder Tzub.

Elder Tzub and I at the beach on P-Day

Elder Tzub and I.

My District Leader, Elder Govea.  He looks like Obama and we call him Elder Govama or Elder Go(No)vama!

This is one of the roads we walk down in Catarina.

Elder Tzub and I fell asleep on the bus.

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