Monday, November 10, 2014

Segunda semana! - Week 8


Como esta??? Yo espero ustedes estan haciendo bien! It is so nice to hear from you all again and kinda crazy to think that I have been out in the mission field for 2 weeks now and almost have 2 months under my belt as a missionary. It has been really, really hard so far being here but I am trying my best to speak Spanish and to understand what everyone is saying but I need an incredible amount more time.

So one day this week I went with a different Elder because another Elder had to go with my companion to interview someone because he is the District Leader so I did and this Elder is from California (Malibu) area and he is Latino and is fluent in Spanish and English so that is not fair... However this Elder was a little annoying and I don't know how I made it through the day with him.  Anyways, with him I had to cross 2 rivers to go to an investigator that we are teaching and the first time crossing I almost completely fell in but caught myself and the second time I made it across completely dry so that was a new experience all in itself. When I got back to my companion I almost literally jumped into his arms because I was happy to be with him and not the other Elder.

My companion and the other Elders we live with are not the most obedient, with things like waking up and going to bed on time, taking naps, not exercising in the mornings when we need to (which is really, really hard to do). During companionship study one morning I talked with my companion about it and I told him we need to be obedient to the rules and he agreed but sometimes go back to their old ways and I try to lead by example but it is really hard to tell them and to have them be obedient to the rules. 

Well I still like my area, it is pretty nice and really hot and we get rain probably every other day here but when it rains it downpours hard on us and the gutter part of the road is just flooded leaving only the center of the road manageable for cars to drive on. Sometimes the water from cars splash up on us like in the movies you know, and almost completely gets us wet. However, I am really glad that I have an umbrella with me because that thing keeps me from getting completely wet from when it rains.

We are still teaching the same families and people the lessons and they all seem pretty receptive to what we are teaching them but it is really hard for me to express myself in Spanish during lessons. I know what to say before lessons but once I get in them I feel like I freeze up and say the same things over and over and the other person is not really understanding my spanish. That is really, really frustrating but I am trying to express myself. Even though a lot I am really quiet when my companion is talking to other people I need to try to get involved in the lessons and talking to others in general.

There are 2 other Elders that live with us and one is Elder Rivera and there are times when he is hard to get along with.  He can be immature with some of the things he says and does! I just gotta stay patient... The other one Elder Ramos is pretty cool. He is more chill and he is pretty easy to talk to when I can but I really like my companion still. It is a blessing to have him as a companion.

So today for P Day we went up to Coatepeque and went on a ziplining course for a little bit and that was cool because it was pretty much in the forest and we were ziplining through trees and other small gullies and stuff like that. It was pretty fun and we did that with our zone so about 16 of us were there. Then we went to a restaurant and ate really good sandwiches and I had probably the best smoothie of my life there, it was so good! Nice to have those again.

It has been hard to take a lot of pictures because I forget a lot to take them, also I can’t send pictures this week because I left my cord in our house for my camera to upload pictures so hopefully next week I will be able to do this.

From our city in Catarina, it is one of the smaller cities around here, but I can see the huge mountains and volcanoes off in the distance so that is really sweet because they are some of the biggest mountains here in Guatemala. Hopefully soon I will be able to go and one of my areas will be up there.

My companion will finish his mission in the middle of February which is when I will get a new companion and by that time I will have been out on my mission for about 5 to 6 months so that is pretty crazy to think about! There are times when the time goes by fast but there are other times when it feels like it just drags on and on. I have been praying very fervently to God everyday about my challenges and what I need to do. I ask him to help me be obedient and help me and the other elders be obedient as well and what I can do to help. However, it is very hard to listen to the promptings of the Holy Ghost because I am still figuring out its promptings for me in my life but I try my best to see what the Holy Ghost and God are telling me to do. I always find new things in the scriptures everyday and try to find things that can help out the investigators that we are teaching. Still hanging in there. Love you all and miss you all too! Stay Sweet!

Elder Kahl

On P-day we went to Coatepeque and went ziplining with our district.
One of the rivers I had to cross to go teach an investigator!

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