Monday, April 6, 2015

Drunks. Craziness. Prophets

Cómo está cada uno de usted?

So for this week something really cool happened for us. I went on divisions with Elder Oporta, our district leader, to have an interview with the hermana Cony who we have been teaching for about 4 weeks now. We have been challenging her to be baptized on the 11th, this Saturday, but she has never accepted because says that it is too soon and she is not prepared and doesn't have the desire to be baptized. But with her saying all of this I never lost faith that she will be baptized on this day. We had the interview and the interview for her baptism took 2 hours! So long! They come back and they sit next to me and I look at Cony and asked her how it was and she asked me what I thought happened. I looked and her, got a grin and said, "You’re being baptized on the 11th aren't you?" She smiled and said yes! I got so excited and I knew that she would accept it! Now she is super excited for her baptism and keeps asking us about it and what she needs to do for it. She also always shows me how far in the Book of Mormon she is and was asking about serving a mission and everything! I am way pumped for her baptism this Saturday. Also at General Conference we had a good amount of investigators who came and after the sessions each one had a baptism interview to see if they would accept the dates. 2 other people accepted a date to be baptized and one of them is for this Saturday as well! He is a guy who has come to church twice and he will be baptized this Saturday with Cony. So I will keep you all updated on what will happen with those!

For General Conference over the weekend, unfortunately we did not get the chance to watch conference, only the Priesthood session. During the other sessions we were out in the streets inviting everyone to come in and to watch conference with us! We actually got a lot of people to come in and watch it right off the street which was pretty awesome and a couple of them accepted a date to be baptized. It’s crazy how many people are ready to hear the message we have and to accept the gospel who are right off the street that God has prepared. However, there are a ton of people who just do not want to hear our message or who are not interested. Get pumped people! The prophet is speaking to us!!!

For Sunday we actually got a bus and went to the most populated areas and went to talk to everyone, like 12 of us missionaries but with the bus idea not too many people came in and listened, we had more success walking around and talking to people. However for Saturday and Sunday, everyone here in Coatepeque went to the beach because I guess it is like a big tradition here to go the beach for these days. So in some parts there was literally no one! It looked like a ghost town in some parts and the only people who were out were all the drunks! And I have to say, that we encountered A LOT of drunks over the past 3 days! One of them came into the building and I was trying to get him to leave, and by the way, the drunk peed his pants too so that was gross and he kept trying to touch us so we kinda pushed him outside the gate and then closed the gate on him and he eventually left. That was interesting! I hate drunks. If they stop us I usually cut them off about their drinking which we really need to do for them to understand. I like it. haha. As a zone we had the most investigators who came to church out of all the zones in the mission! President said that we will be getting a special P-Day coming up soon for accomplishing that!

For the past week it has been called the Holy Week here, it was pretty interesting as there were people playing the marimba while 3 people were dancing, 1 guy, 1 girl (guy dressed up like a girl), and a guy who has a fake guy on his shoulder. They do it to celebrate Judah, which I have no idea why but its weird! Then for the whole week there were parades about Christ and his death (which doesn't make sense when all the churches say that Christ lives but only commemorate his death and not that he was resurrected). 

There was something called Pan de Judah (Bread of Judah) and this bread is huge! It is like the size of my face and everyone eats it and gives it to us, it’s pretty good but I was getting a little tired of it haha. I took some videos and a few pictures of the stuff but unfortunately I can't send any of the videos because they are all way too big.

Last Wednesday we had a multi-zone conference and it was pretty sweet. We took another test on Preach My Gospel which was easier than the last one and I feel decent about it. We also got to watch Remember the Titans, in english! Man I love that movie! President Ruiz is pretty awesome and I was a little surprised that he let the whole mission watch it, he is so cool. Then today for P-Day we all went to the stake center with our zone and the zone Tecun and we played basketball and volleyball there, it was actually a lot of fun and it was so nice to actually play basketball again. Then we had a water balloon fight and when that was done my zone leaders filled up the tub with water and dumped it all over me when I wasn't looking. It actually felt so nice because it was so hot out today!

I am so happy that I received my package from my family and it is pretty sweet! The night when I opened it I started to draw because inside was a sketchbook and a drawing kit thingy. I miss drawing. It was nice to do it again but hard to find time to do it. But I have the best parents ever!

This is the last week in the change and me and my companion have a feeling that he will be leaving this change because he has been here for a long time but we will see what will happen and if he will go or stay for one more change with me. We are working pretty good and getting along so that is a big plus as well. Still have to encourage him and get him motivated to go out and to work and to work hard as well. He is getting pretty homesick as his mission is winding down but we are still doing good.

The past week with inviting everyone about the conference I have been very grateful that we have a living prophet today who receives revelation from God and crazy to think that he has the opportunity to talk to God face to face just like the prophets of old! I know that Thomas S. Monson is called of God to be the prophet for the whole world and that we have the 12 apostles as well who are called to help direct the church as well. Sometimes it’s hard to explain to people that today we have prophets and apostles when a lot of people say that there are a lot or that today we don't have prophets as those times ended in the Bible. But, WE HAVE A LIVING PROPHET TODAY! I am so grateful as well to remember the resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ and that today he lives! Porque él Vive!

Elder Kahl

Happy Missionary! I got my package from my family!

Picking mangoes!

This is the banner we hung up on the street to tell people about General Conference.

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