Monday, March 30, 2015

Un bolo me pegó..... (A drunk hit me....).

Buenas a cada uno de ustedes!

For this week nothing too exciting has happened to us or nothing too out of the ordinary. However the biggest highlight of the week was that we had 3 investigators in church this Sunday which was way cool! One of them was Cony, the other Felipe (92 years old), and Marco. The hermana Cony is progressing so much in the gospel! It’s crazy! She knows that baptism is important and that she needs it but the only thing that is really holding her back is that she doesn't have a true definite desire to do it. She knows that the church is true, that Joseph Smith was a prophet, and that we have a living prophet today. I think the main problem that is holding her back is that she has committed some sins that she thinks she can't be forgiven of, but she can be. She has come to church twice already and we have been motivating her all the time to get prepared for the 11th of April to be baptized. We have pretty much taught her everything and will have an interview with her this week to see her spiritual progress. She is way cool though and always excited to talk to us and learn more about the Gospel. I'm sure that once she comes to General Conference then she will feel more of the desire to be baptized.

The hermano Felipe finally came to church! Saturday we passed by his house to invite him to church but said that most likely that he was going to be busy. We told him that we would come by Sunday morning and see. So we passed by in the morning and turned out that he was not there, we felt a little down, but then his daughter said that he left not too long ago to go to church. We perked up and said thanks and left. We walked to the church building to attend church and what do you know, Felipe was standing outside the gate waiting for us to get there. He was excited and we were so glad to see him there! We invited a member to sit with him and to talk to him and that really helped a lot and they were talking like they were good old friends! That was a miracle itself! The only thing that is hard is that he has a lot of doubts about the way we do things in the church and says that some things are wrong and he pulls out his bible to show us. So we pull out our bibles too and help him understand these things. He is slowly learning but I am sure that if we just teach him about the church and about baptism with the right authority he will be baptized as well. He is looking forward to General Conference though and I am sure that it is going to help him.

One companionship in our district invited 8 of us to go sing to an investigator that they have to help place a date for her baptism. The girl was 12 years old and we all went and sang a few hymns to her and her abuela. It was a cool experience and the little girl said yes to baptism and she was pretty excited and so were we! Then all of a sudden her aunt comes over and tells us that she doesn't need that there and told us all to leave then she walked away. We all stood there and kept talking to the little girl. Then the lady told us again with a nasty tone almost yelling. Then she was saying things like we worship Joseph Smith (which we don't) how we dance and chant (which we don't) and other stupid things. Then she told the little girl to give her, her bible and was yelling to get her bible. But the girl who said yes to baptism looked at her and said no and refused. Atta girl! She said no to her aunt and the aunt kept yelling that we leave and saying how she worships God and and not a prophet. I swear she was possessed or something ;) haha. Its like hermana if you worship God why are you rejecting 8 representatives of Jesus Christ? Some of the elders tried to talk to her but she refused and then finally we had enough and left. The little girl and the grandma (the grandma is a member) both thanked us for the visit and the hymns and we went along our way happy as can be because we all knew that we did the right thing. It was pretty funny though and definitely something I will remember.

For our zone here we have made a plan that we are going to fast for our investigators every single week to help them out. It actually is not too bad fasting once a week but a lot of people think that it is so difficult and that they could never do anything like that. Little by little it is actually helping out our investigators, especially the people who have a date to be baptized. I have also felt my faith be increased through the fasts as well and hope that it will continue.

Here it has been raining a lot more because we are getting into the rainy season here. One day were left the house and the streets were just flooded with water. I love the rain here, ya we get soaked and sometimes it’s not fun and I am getting a cold but hey I like the rain!

Also this week are are working hard on inviting people to come to General Conference to hear Thomas S. Monson and the apostles as well. This will be a great opportunity for people to feel that this is the true church and feel that we have a living prophet today to lead and direct the church that Jesus Christ has established. We also established a goal with all the members. I got up in front of them all and said that we wanted to make a goal for each of them to invite and bring 2 people to Conference with them. I explained for like 10 minutes and shared a little example with them about how they can do it and how they will be blessed and they will be helping us a lot as well. They all said yes to do it and then we passed out invitations to them all to share with people to invite to the conference. Hopefully they will all be ward missionaries and help us out to find more people to teach through this medium. From what it sounds like, it seems like we might not get the chance to watch much of conference as we will be outside the building inviting every single person to come and listen to conference when it is going on. Hopefully if we do that, that a lot of people off the street will come in and listen. If someone off the street comes into the building and listens they are automatically an investigator, that is what our mission president said! haha.

Me and my companion are doing good though. I still really like him and we are getting along. He is a little on the slower side (as in that he does everything slow! Everything except eating haha! I try to get his enthusiasm high and get him pumped to go out and work and to work hard. He is getting a bit baggi (homesick) as he has little time left in his mission. I am trying to motivate him that we need to give it our all. But he is still way awesome and is pretty funny as well.

Today for P-day we all went to an indoor soccer turf field and played soccer! There was only our zone there and we had 2 teams and played. It was almost like the Latinos against the Gringos! Except my team (the American team) we kicked butt! We won like 15-5! And I had 6 of the goals so I was pretty happy and pumped about that! I have to say that my soccer skills are slowly improving though! Watch out Messi!

Everything here in Guatemala is good though. OH! I forgot to tell you all that I got whacked in the back by a drunk! We were walking down a trail and there was this drunk who tried to talk to my companion but we just kept walking and when I walked by the guy whacked by back with is arm. It wasn't too hard but I stopped and turned around and just looked at him and asked him if that was really necessary? He just looked at me and then just started to walk away though. It was weird and felt I was a little mad but then it was over. haha. Kinda funny though.

Love and miss you all there but doing great here in Guatemala and know that this is where I need to be during this time. I know that this is the true church and the only way to return to the presence of our Heavenly Father is through this church. I know that Christ lives and that He established His church and that He set an example for us to follow. Remember Christ everyday but especially this week and act upon the faith that you have. Faith without works is dead. Gracias a que él vive!

Elder Kahl

P.S. I will not be sending any pictures this week because I left my camera in the house. Stay tuned for next week with the pictures!

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