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I can´t believe that tomorrow I will be hitting my 6 month mark in my mission! My mission is 1/4 of the way done but it feels like I am just beginning it. Everything for me and my companion are good. I got the opportunity to baptize someone on Saturday and her name is Roxana. She is 28 years old and she is way awesome and was really excited for her baptism as well. It was hard to talk to the mom though because she is a little bit crazy because she wants nothing to do with us but is fine with her daughter being baptized. Roxana is a little special but really had the desire to be baptized. The baptism was really late notice to tell the members so we tried to invite them but none could come. So what we did was we invited the missionaries and we had 12 of us there for it, so that was pretty cool and she liked meeting all the missionaries.

This week we were trying to find new people to teach and we came to a house that had a family and a joven. This joven has a lot of energy and knows a lot about the Bible. He has been to other churches and can read really well, as well. He wants to learn more about the Gospel and whenever we go over to his house to teach him he is prepared as he studied and has questions for us. This joven is grasping the concepts really well which I am surprised at for his age. HE IS 92 YEARS OLD. He is OLD, but man can this guy do it all! We are working hard with him to get him to accept to be baptized and I feel like if he will pray to know if these things are true that we are teaching him then he will know. I also really want us to baptize him because it might be a record for the oldest person baptized in this mission, haha. He is way cool though, reads without glasses, amazing right! He can hear perfectly fine as well and loves to talk about the things that we have for him. We had a lesson with him and his son about the Restoration again to overview it and we were on the topics of prophets and how they kept saying how there are no prophets today that times with prophets ended with Malaquies. It was so frustrating and we tried out hardest to explain but we testified and challenged them to pray. Then the son insisted that he will bring a pastor to talk to us the next time. HAHA ok! However, I will keep you guys updated!

We also found a girl who is 19 years old who loves talking about the gospel with us as well. She has so many questions for us and some of them are things that we don't have the answers to or don't know how to answer them. She is pretty smart and has prayed to know if the church is true but is still waiting for an answer and for the Holy Ghost to testify to her heart that they are true. We are always with her for a long time and because of all the doubts and questions she has but it’s pretty awesome she has a lot of questions and wants to know for a surety that the things are true.

Today for P-Day we all went to the beach to hang out as a zone. We played volleyball, football, buried a missionary in the sand, and all haha. It was a lot of fun but oh man it was so hot (as missionaries we are not allowed to go in the water)! Sorry mom, but I got pretty sunburned! I did put on sunscreen though twice but I guess it just wasn't enough! We left the beach though and when we were going back to Coatepeque there was a guy who hopped on the bus in a shirt and jeans and started to preach to us. Yep, he preached to a bus full of missionaries. He pulled out his Bible that was like in shreds and started reading out of it and praying and this was going on for like 20 minutes or so. I thought it was kinda funny that he thought it would be a good idea to preach to a bunch of Mormon Missionaries. Oh well though. 

It’s MANGO SEASON! This time of year here in Guatemala is mango season where there are mangoes everywhere. Most of the trees here are mango trees and they are starting to ripen and oh man they are so good! Its kinda of funny how when mangoes ripen and get to like the perfect stage they just fall out of the trees. We will be walking or visiting someone and mangos will fall next to us and onto the roofs of houses, and when they hit the roofs oh man they are loud!

Everything here in our area is going good, but the hardest thing that is happening is trying to get our investigators to church on Sundays. Some commit but then they say they have other things that came up or they just don't come. It is pretty frustrating when they don't keep their word but we are working on them. We will be having another baptism this Saturday so I am looking forward to that!

It’s still hot as can be here but still working hard and trying my best! Keep me in your prayers because I need it!

Love you all and thanks for the support from every one of you! Stay Sweet!

Elder Kahl

I baptized a girl named Roxana who is 28.

The ceiling was so tiny at this house! 

The two kids are siblings and are the kids of some members. The kids here love to have their picture taken!

This is a part of my area that is like the slums

We went to the beach today!

Elder Heyrend was my companion in the CCM in Guatemala City.

This is Elder Call

This is me and my companion, Elder Quib

6 months!

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