Tuesday, September 23, 2014

First week in the CCM has been great! Week 1


How is everyone doing? Tuesdays here are my P-Days (preparation day) so now you know! The first week here has been pretty great! Here are some of the details of the CCM, or MTC, that I know of: My mission president is amazing, he has such a great attitude and wants nothing but the best for us. In the MTC there is about 150, maybe less, missionaries here. So there isn't too many but oh boy are they all awesome. The elders who have been here for a few weeks now know how to entertain themselves alright. Everyday during lunch the wait for the clock to turn to 12:34.56 then they yell and cheer super loud... I hope I don't become that bored in the MTC... So the 3rd day I was here. the MTC president asked me to be the district leader over my district which caught me by surprise but hey, I'm district leader already! Pretty cool right?! 

We went to the temple today and it is a very small temple but it was a really cool experience at the same time. So funny thing, anytime we go outside the MTC gates there are guards EVERYWHERE!!! Each one has a shotgun too. Whenever we go outside the gates one follows us until we get past the gates then a different one comes and follows us until we get past the gas station, then another one comes until we get to the temple. So that is a bit sketchy but at least we get personal body guards here! 

Where we are at in Guatemala it is pretty developed and people here have nicer cars than most of the people in the U.S. so that caught me by surprise that they have pretty nice cars, but thats only in the city. The other night/day my companion, who is Elder Heyrend, was feeling very sick and out of nowhere asked me to give him a blessing and of course I said yes. This was my first blessing and was really, really amazing. The other elders who have been here longer were so supportive in helping me and we had about 10 of them in the room when I was performing it with another one helping me with the blessing. I can't explain how cool it was but it was definitely a testimony builder for me. And guess what?! He is getting so much better and is almost back to normal after a full day of being sick in bed.

My Spanish class is excelente! My teachers are incredible and have taught us so much already. But seriously, I have learned more in a week than I have in 3 years of Spanish class in high school. That just proves to show how hard we have to work and how much the Lord is there to bless us as well. I already know how to pray in Spanish really well and pray in Spanish all the time. Since the 2nd day, we have been giving lessons to an investigator.... all in Spanish.... it is rough! However, my companion and I have been teaching really well and already have a baptism date for him. We taught about the Restoration, about prophets, about dispensations, about how the Book of Mormon will bless his life and so much more! It's crazy how much Spanish is crammed in my brain. 

The weather here is pretty nice actually, but yes it does rain everyday which makes it pretty humid, and the rain just down pours when it does rain. No light drizzles of rain here!

I have been talking to the Latinos a lot in Spanish and we can carry on a decent conversation before it just dies... Its nice cause they help us with our Spanish and we help them know some words in English. One of their favorite words in English is "What's Crackin?!'' They love it and say it to us all the time, the Latinos are so funny here. 

All of the new elders who I came here with are all having troubles with their digestive systems because of the food. Haha suckers!!! My stomach has been totally fine and is treating me with the respect I deserve! Speaking of the food... it is actually really good and they feed us pretty good! Every time for lunch we get ICE CREAM! I love ice cream... You already know that mom and dad. 

All of us missionaries are getting along really well and having a great time here. There is another guy here from Colorado! I was so happy when I found that out but the rest are all from Utah and Idaho. Shocker right? One problem I have here though is the showers. Only because the shower-faucet-head-thingamajig is at shoulder level with me so that makes my life a little more difficult. Another funny random thing is that all the Latinos are super small but there is the token Latino here who is like 6 foot 6 inches and just huge. He scares me, but seems like a really nice guy. We get to go outside and play sports for about an hour each day so thats pretty nice but it just feels like we are in a prison. A nice, clean, good prison with great food. If you were here you would understand. We have 6 elders in my room and we get bunk beds. Just like the good 'ol days right? I have been sleeping pretty well for the most part but mornings are pretty hard to get up for but it's getting better. Oh and next week we get to go out to the market. Freedom! Its going to be so nice to get out of here for a little bit, however, there is a chance I won't be able to email next week for that reason. So if I can't next week then I am really sorry! 

I need to write something in Spanish for you guys! I will write my testimony in Spanish:
Yo se que este iglesia es verdadero. Yo so que Jesucristo is el Hijo de Dios y la Expiaction es muy importante por mi y todos los personas el la tierra. Yo se que Jesucristo es el Salvador por todo el mundo. Yo se que Jose Smith y Thomas S. Monson estan profetas verdadero de Dios. Yo se que nuestra Padre Celestial le amo mi, ustedes, ye todos los personas tambien. Estoy muy feliz en Guatemala porque, estoy servir otros personas aqui.
There you go! A short testimony of mine in spanish.

Send these emails out to everyone who wanted to recieve my weekly emails por favor! You can also seperate that long paragraph up into smaller ones. I accidently sent it before I could do that. Sorry! 

I can't think of anything else to say, but I love you all and miss you all so much!
Elder Kahl
Mom- I love you so much and appreciate all the support you give me while I am out here and before! You are the best!

Dad- Thanks for being a great example for me to follow and that definitely helped me with being able to perform the blessing I did the other day. So thank you and I love you!

Tanner- Sup bro?! I hope you and Taylor are doing great and thanks for all you have done for me. Keep being awesome and be a great brother to Connor. Por Favor (in a robot voice). Love you and Taylor both.

Connor- How is school going? You need to tell me when you are starting basketball and tell me when you are kicking some serious butt! Love you buddy and enjoy my room!

P.S. Tell me what happens with Under the Dome! I NEED TO KNOW!!! Also I need to know who wins in America's Got Talent. Thats about it. Thanks! Also more emails would be nice... haha just keep me informed with what is all going on there! Love you all!

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