Wednesday, September 17, 2014

I'm Here and Not Dead! - 1st Day!

Como estas mi familia.

 I'm loving it here in Guatemala! The other elders here are great and my teachers and MTC president are all wonderful! It has been a very long day but has been very fun at the same time! So we got to Guatemala at 6am then went to the MTC and when we got there we ate breakfast, then they let us take a nap. Ya they actually let us take a NAP!!!!!! It was amazing. My spanish class has been a lot of fun and I'm learning a ton in just the short time that I am here! The food here is delicious and everyone is nothing but positive and uplifting. I'm having a better time than I thought I would which is awesome! The MTC is right next to the temple and we can see it from a few of the windows. At the MTC the weather has actually been pretty cool which is what they say its like pretty much all the time. I feel like in a few weeks I will have my spanish down pretty good because today I was actually able to speak and have conversations with people for a good amount of time. With a little faith and time I'll be a Spanish master! Watch out world! Here comes Elder Kahl! So ya, I made it here, I love it, I'm still alive, and yes its a bit humid here. Love and miss you all!         

Love, Elder Kahl

Photo of the other zone.

Photo of one of the other Zone at the CCM.

My District at the CCM.  I am in the 3rd row, 7th from the right.

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