Monday, January 5, 2015

2015!!!... En Serio?!

Bienvenidos al año 2015! Ha sentido como mucho tiempo desde yo he hablado con ustedes! Pero solo era una semana! Ahorra estamos en este año nuevo y este es un gran oportunidad para hacer metas nuevas ustedes quieren lograr en este tiempo. También ahorra yo tengo la oportunidad decir, salgo mi misión en el próximo año en 2016. Haha, pero yo sé, tengo mucho tiempo mas en mi misión. Estoy bien aquí en mi área pero este cambio de el ultimo 6 semanas fueren muy rápido porque cambios están en una semana. Catarina todavía es excelente. Teníamos investigadores que vinieron hace 4 días porque ellos estaban en Malacatan por 2 semanas por Navidad y ano nuevo pero estamos muy enfocados enseñarles esta semana y especialmente estamos trabajando con el Padre porque si le ensenamos él permite su esposa y hijas ser bautizados. Tuvimos un lección consigo ayer y hablamos acerca de la Restauración del Evangelio y él estaba aceptando que le ensenamos también. Manana tenemos un otro lección consigo y yo espero este lección irá excelente para nosotros porque este familia necesita ser bautizado!. 

English Translation:
Welcome to 2015It has felt like a long time since I've talked to you! But it was only a week! We're in this New Year and this is a great opportunity to make new goals you want to achieve at this time. It also gives the opportunity I have to say, I leave my mission in the next year in 2016. Hahabut I know I have much longer my missionI'm fine here in my area but this change in the last six weeks WHATSOEVER very fast because changes are in a week. Catarina is still excellentWe had investigators that came four days ago because they were in Malacatán for 2 weeks over Christmas and New Year but we are very focused to teach this week and are working especially with the dad because if we teach him we will allow his wife and daughters to be baptized. We had a lesson with him yesterday and talked about the Restoration of the gospel and he was accepting what we teach as well. Tomorrow we have another lesson with him and I hope this lesson will be great for us because this family needs to be baptized !

I can't believe that we are already in 2015! It seemed like it was so far away but here we are! Our New Years was pretty good! During the day every one eats tamales like no other (just like at Christmas) so we had tamales at about every single house that we visited. I like them but when I have them at like 6 houses they get pretty old! During the night it was awesome. There were fireworks everywhere and the people who live above us were setting off fireworks in the street right by our house (the ones like the 4th of July) and it was awesome! I took a video and I hope that I will be able to send it to you all next week.

Our teaching is going pretty well with our investigators as well. The ones who were gone for 2 weeks in Malacatan came back and right when they returned we went to their house they invited us in and we taught a lesson and we have visited them every day. We are trying so hard with this family though and the dad we are teaching because since he wasn't there on Sunday he didn't let his family go to church but after we went and visited with him and taught him about the Restoration of the Gospel and he was accepting to all of it and loves talking to us and we told him to pray about if Joseph Smith was a prophet and that he saw God, the Father, and the Son so we are going to see if he did tomorrow and how he felt. We are really focused on them because we feel that they are so close to baptism and they accepted baptism and know that they need to be baptized as well.

I have also learned so much from my companion about how to teach and how to use the scriptures effectively (especially the Bible) because most people want proof from the Bible of things that we are teaching and my companion knows where everything is in the Bible to teach them and show them as well. I think it is funny how people know that God is the same yesterday, today, and forever (as the scriptures tell us) and that the gospel of Christ had a prophet, apostles, priesthood, and revelation. But they do not put the 2 together and say what church today has a prophet, 12 apostles, priesthood authority, and revelation? Oh ya thats right, THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS. Haha but I like to use the Bible to show people proof of things and we stump others and they don't have a response because we proved them wrong using their own book that we use too. Studying the Bible is just as important as studying The Book of Mormon.

Another family we are teaching is a bit difficult because the daughter who is so ready for baptism as well and loves learning these things, she moved to the complete other end of our area that is very far away but we plan to visit her soon and her sister loves learning too and learns it so fast and she is only 12 but the mom invites us and listens to us but doesn't come to church, isn't keeping commitments and seems less and less interested in learning but we are slowly working with her as well. She works on Sundays which makes it so she can't come to church, so what did we do about it? We started to teach her boss! Now her boss is an investigator of ours and we are teaching her the Gospel and how the keep the Sabbath Day holy and how she needs to go to church and not work. Haha. I hope that this will work. 

There are many times when my companion wants to visit people who I think we are wasting our time with or who we shouldn't visit. For example, there is a 17 year old kid who lives with his family and we have been teaching him since I've gotten here in this area and he can't be baptized yet because his dad says he needs to be older to make the decision or something like that. But, he is not keeping any commitments when he says he will, so that means he is not progressing, and we have done nothing about working with his parents who are not members. Also the mom is always laughing at me because of my Spanish and there was 2 times when I almost just walked out of the house because it made me so mad. She doesn't understand that Im just learning the language and she is pretty rude about it. But there are those times when I feel like we are wasting our time. Just gotta stay patient I guess!

I know that I always talk about my Spanish but it is improving every week but definitely those times when I feel frustrated with it because sometimes Spanish is just rolling off my tongue and other moments when I stumble upon words and it is hard but practice makes perfect and I know I need to think that I only have 3 months in my mission as well!

So one day this week it was kinda crazy because the other companionship we live with they have had some problems between them and one of them couldn't take it anymore so he called the mission president and asked for emergency changes. As the circumstances were rough with them the Mission President said ok and the missionary (Elder Rivera) packed up that same day and left for another area with the assistants. So now there is another missionary (Latino) that is with Elder Ramos in the other area of Catarina. But this was pretty crazy for us and kinda weird how he couldn't just wait 2 weeks for changes but whatever. The new elder is a bit better anyways!

Also, seriously I won another award for my artwork? Haha. So my piece was selected 1 of the 20 most outstanding art in the country?? I never expected that to happen! Especially since I am out of high school! Thanks, really cool though! Thanks for sharing that with me mom and makes me miss drawing again! Also the snow in a can was a fail and didn't really do much. Probably because I didn't do it right but it was a little disappointing....

I know that this work is the work of our Savior and always I need to constantly serve him and to teach everyone because they are children of our Heavenly Father and they deserve to hear about the Restored Gospel. I know that Heavenly Father loves each one of us and how he gave us Jesus Christ to pay for our sins and through Him we can be perfected. I know that a mission is hard but this is where I need to be during this time to change the lives of the people here. Thank you so much for the support and love! Love and miss you all!

   Elder Kahl

P.S. Go Broncos! I hope they make it to the super bowl and win it this year. That is a bummer that CSU lost but they are still doing well! I am rooting for Poudre Basketball down here in Guatemala because I miss playing on that court in front of a huge crowd! It is such a great feeling! 

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