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Nuestra Salvador Vive!

Siempre estoy emocionado escribir todos de ustedes y darles un actualización en que pasó en la semana pasada! No puedo creer que esta semana yo tendré 4 meses en mi misión! Es bien loco como tiempo puede ser rápido en mi misión. También solamente tenemos una semana hasta cambios otra vez pero yo pienso estaré con Elder Tzub hasta él completa su misión 3 semanas después este cambio. Tendremos que ver pasará con mi distrito y mi zona también. Pero la semana pasada fue calidad porque teníamos muchos lecciones especialmente con miembros, Hermano Almengor, y 9 de nuestras investigadores asistieron la iglesia ayer en domingo! Bien calidad para nosotros porque usualmente tenemos 0 o 1 investigadores en iglesia, entonces esta semana fue un salto grande en este!

I am always excited to write all of you and give you an update on what happened in the past weekI cannot believe that this week I will have four months in my mission! It's pretty crazy how time can be quick on my mission. Also we only have one week to changes again but I think I will be with Elder Tzub until he completes his mission three weeks after this change. We will have to see what happens to my district and my area too. But last week was a quality week because we had many lessons especially with members, Brother Almengorand 9 of our investigators attended Sunday church yesterdayIt was excellent for us because we usually have either 0 or 1 investigator in church, therefore this week was a big jump in investigator attendance for us!

First off, I finally had my first baptism! This experience was really cool for me as I got the chance to baptize a kid named Pedro. He is 8 years old and was so excited for his baptism. His sisters were baptized in the church 1 year ago and he just turned 8 so we baptized the kid! His dad is not a member but he really, really wants to be baptized into the church because he believes everything in the church is true but the problem is that he and his “wife” are not married and they need to be married in order for him to be baptized. We are really pushing this but his ''wife'' does not want to get married and we tried talking to her but she has no interest and never wants to talk about it. So that kinda stinks but we got to baptize his son though!

Also on Sunday, as I mentioned above in Spanish, that we had 9 investigators in church on Sunday. This was big for us because usually we have only 1 or none at church but we showed our faith and put our trust in the Lord and he showed us an incredible miracle for us by giving them the desire to come to church. Just have to challenge them (well some have a date for this Saturday to be baptized) to baptism dates and help them find a desire to be baptized and to follow this example of Jesus Christ in their lives. I read something interesting in the Liahona (church magazine) about people and investigators coming to church. It said something along these lines. People who do not have the desire or do not want to attend church do not fully understand the Atonement Jesus Christ made for us because if they understood it they would go to church, remember the sacrifice of Christ, and partake of the sacrament every week. I thought this was really cool and is so true! If they fully understood the Atonement Christ made for us they would have this desire to remember him and act on their faith to come to church. My companion and I read this this week and we really focused on the Atonement and taught this to almost all of our investigators and give them a better understanding of the sacrifice He made for us. Through teaching this and reading about it and seeing the faces of people we were teaching, I found a greater love for my Savior and really took to heart this message to always remember Christ because his sacrifice is something we should never take for granted but to accept it in our lives.

This past week I also had divisions with my Zone Leader (Elder Amador) he is way awesome and we had a pretty good time. He wanted to visit with our investigators and to have a little interview as well. I look up to him and I always learn a lot from him too but sad that he only has 6 weeks left in his mission as he leaves after the next change. I learned that I can't be afraid to direct the needs of our investigators and to speak up and to not be afraid of my Spanish and to not be afraid as well to talk about the uncomfortable stuff that sometimes is awkward but necessary to talk about with them. He really helped me and helped our investigators progress a little bit more towards the desire for baptism in their lives.

Today we got to go to Coatepeque and to see a movie with other zones and our mission president in one of the church buildings. It was the movie ''Meet the Mormons''! However, we were like an hour late so we did not get to see too much of it which kinda sucked but the parts that we saw it was really cool and a really inspiring and moving movie that all should go and see!

Our mission president also announced that within the next month or 2 we are being visited by an Apostle! What?! It is awesome that this mission will get this amazing opportunity to get a special message and visit from an Apostle of the Lord. Me and all of the other missionaries are very excited for this and we can't wait. However, at the moment we are not sure who it is that will be coming but whoever it is, it will be great! 

Oh so this past week we have actually joined a gym. Every morning we drag ourselves out of bed and we walk over to the gym and the guy is like a personal trainer for us which is pretty cool. It is only Q65 monthly which is like $7 or $8. Since I haven't worked out in a while I am incredibly sore. Santa Vaca (holy cow) it is horrible! Sometimes I can barely move my arms but the guy is way cool and he actually lived in California for a good amount of time and knows English perfectly which is awesome so I talk to him in English every time we are in the gym. Every morning we don't want to go but once we are there we get motivated. They guy has a small cardio room and two other smaller rooms with weight machines that we use too. It is an extension to his house that he made into a gym. We have invited him to church already and if he is ever interested in learning about the church or we are always willing to meet with him. He has even invited us to go play basketball with him and some other guys some time so we will see if we can go. The guy is really nice and friendly and we found out that he was actually in prison in the states but he has changed and has a family and 2 daughters he loves a lot. Maybe he will be interested and take lessons from us and we will baptize him to shake those sins out of him! Haha! But ya that is something definitely different for us is going to a gym in the mornings and we actually wake up at 6am instead of 6:30am for it, so thats dedication right there!

Everything here is going good though in Guatemala. Tortillas everyday for lunch, announcements everyday about a new person that died. Oh ya, for this, a truck drives around with speakers and announces a new death like everyday to Catarina and the surrounding areas. Everytime I hear it I think, oh man not again!

Still blazing hot here every day, no rain yet, Spanish is..... Spanish (take that how you want it!) and still preaching the Gospel to the best of my abilities! This church is true. Our Savior lives and he died for all of us! Missionary work is hard but it is something very special to me and to the whole world as well! Love this mission! Miss you and love you all as well! 


Elder Kahl

I had my first baptism yesterday and I baptized this kid Pedro! He is 8 years old!

The baptism pic is right after we walked out of the font of his baptism! He looks clean and pure right?!

This is the family of the kid I baptized. The dad wants baptism so bad but he is not married to his “wife” and he can't get baptized unless they marry or they separate but we are pushing marriage but his ''wife'' does not want marriage but his sisters are both baptized as well.

This is me being a Guatemalan woman carrying wood on my head as we were helping our investigators carry this wood to their house.

Here is a picture of some food that we have sometimes here! This meal was really, really good! Some rice, beans, potatoes, meat, and of course we had tortillas too!

This is me trying to throw a kid into their well!  Haha!  The wells are how most people get their water here. 

A well in a member’s house and this is how they all get their water (but not to drink).  The water actually looks like pure water but in the photo it just looks dirty from the color of the bucket and it is splashing around. Haha!

This is Andre Almengor. He is a member and he comes and helps us visit a lot of people who are references from him and he is really awesome and funny! He’s wearing a Colorado hat!

This is Elder Ramos and he is from Peru.  He is in the other companionship that lives with us.

Just a picture of a street that we walk a lot in, in my area.

This is part of a colony that we teach at, and yes that is a freaking huge mountain in the background!!!! The mountains here are way, way big and they are a part of my mission and I hope I will get to go there in my mission!

My and my companion. Elder Tzub drew this

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