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Yo tengo un anuncio por cada uno de ustedes.... Todavía estoy en mi area de Catarina pero.... yo tengo un compañero nuevo! Este estaba un supreso por mi y Elder Tzub porque el tiene 3 semanas mas en su misión pero Pres. Ruiz hizo el cambio. Estaba un poco triste porque Elder Tzub me entrenó aquí en mi misión pero en el mismo tiempo es calidad tener un cambio en mi misión y algo diferente. Mi compañero nuevo se llama Elder Wight. Wight es de Colorado también! En Colorado Springs pero su familia viaje mucho porque su padre está en Air Force entonces el nació en los Springs pero arrita ellos viven en Idaho.

English Translation:

I have an announcement for each of you .... I am still in my area of Catarina but .... I have a new companionThis was a surprise for me and Elder Tzub,because he has three more weeks on his mission but PresRuiz made the changeI was a little sad because Elder Tzub trained me here on my mission, but at the same time it is good to have a change in my mission and something different. My new companion is Elder Wight. Elder Wight is from Colorado too! He was from Colorado Springs but his family travels a lot because his father is in the Air Force.  He was born in the Springs but right now they live in Idaho.

So ya my new companion is Elder Wight and him and Elder Tzub practically switched areas and companions. My new companion is..... different from me. Although its mean to say that, he is still a good guy. He follows every single mission rule down exactly how they are so I am hoping that this will do some good for me. He has 20 months in his mission so not too much longer. This transfer half of our zone had changes and I was close to almost every one of them! It was sad to see them go but I will see a few of them later on in my mission. However this transfer (in 5 weeks) I think I will be getting transfered because every new missionary is in their new area for the first 6 months of their mission and after this I will have almost 6 months here. For right now though we are working pretty good. My companion knows a lot of spanish and can understand what the people are saying too so that is nice to have but the emotional and friendly connection is not really their so that is where I come in! My spanish is actually almost as good as his which is kinda cool for me haha. In our area I am pretty much leading it and setting up appointments with everything and all that jazz that we need to do. It is a lot more responsibility than I had thought but I am making the most of it and doing my best. This week our mission president has challenged each companionship to find 16 new investigators to teach. If we find 16 then we get to go to the temple sometime in February. We all got really excited and me and my companion found 16 new people to teach so we get to go to the temple next month! I am looking forward to it a lot!

Somthing happened to us that made our lives so much harder than they needed to be. Our electricity got cut in our house.... so we went without electrictiy for about 3 or 4 days and we were just using candles in our house during this time. That meant we had no fridge, no fans to use, no phone, and obviously no light. You never really realize how much you love that stuff until you don't have it for a while. It was cut because about 2 months before I came to this area 2 elders did not pay the light bill for a few months and this created a debt and we didn't know about it until the light got cut so now we are working to get it back. Hopefully today or tomorrow.

On Saturday we had 2 baptisms! They are named Henry and Fredy and are 12 and 8 years old. We were hoping the dad was going to have the opportunity to baptize them but the bishop talked to the dad and it turns out that I got the chance to baptize them instead. So that was a cool experience for me again. Haha kinda funny at the same time because when I immersed them in water and brought them back up they looked like fish out of water! They were kinda freaking out gasping for air and oh man it was so funny but really cool at the same time. Then in church I got to help with confirming them into the church and that was also a cool experience as well!

I can definitely tell that my Spanish is progressively getting better though so that is making me more and more positive! And progressively my english is getter worse and worse! Haha really just talking to the people has really helped me with my Spanish especially since I need to because my companion doesn't know the members or the area yet but slowly he will. Oh and I forgot to say that he is the new District Leader so for us we should be getting a cell phone really soon which is going to make life so much better for us!

Today for P-day we went to Coatepeque and played soccer with about 4 other districts and that was actually a lot of fun to do and to see a lot more elders! This week I also got the opportunity to eat chicken heart and to eat chicken lung as well so that was interesting! The chicken heart was actually not too bad but the lung was pretty nasty as it was a really soft meat that crumbled in my mouth as you chewed it. 

I am doing pretty good and still working my hardest! This is the true church and Guatemala is going great! Making the most of things and trying to be as obedient as I can to make the Lord proud of me and what I am doing here on His time! Thanks for all the love and support from you all and I am sorry that this letter is not the longest nor the best as we did not have much time to write this week but I made up for it in pictures!

Love you and miss you all! Stay Sweet!

Elder Kahl

Saying goodbye to a companion who trained you and that you became good friends with is hard.

Me and Elder Tzub

Me and Elder Virgin

Me and Elder Amador

Me and Elder Sevilla

Me and Hermana Page

My Zone: Me, Elder Tzub, Hermana Gonzales, Hermana Page, Elder Sevilla, Elder Damas

Elder Batian, Elder Virgin and Myself

Elder Batian, Elder Virgin and Myself

I ate chicken heart and lungs! The chicken heart was actually not too bad but the lung was pretty nasty as it was a really soft meat that crumbled in my mouth as you chewed it. 

This is how you pick up kids in Guatemala! LOL!

I’m past the first 12 weeks, do I still need this training book? Haha!

These are the two boys I baptized – Henry and Fredy who are brothers. They 12 and 8 years old.

This is my new companion, Elder Wight, Henry, Fredy and their parents.

P-day today we played soccer (futbol) in Coatepeque with 4 other districts.

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